Lisa's Perspective

It starts a couple of months back when Eric and I were trying to figure out the best time for me to come into Austin. I believe it was towards the end of October. Eric mentioned that his cousin wanted us to dine at his restaurant and their available dates are only in December.  The thought of having reservations a couple of weeks inadvance was exciting for me. For those that don't know, I love exploring new foods. You can totally see the excitement I had wanting to try this new restaurant.

Fast forward to the day of..Saturday morning. I was purely exhausted from the night before but I had to suck it up and make my way to Austin. I packed my thing last minute and threw on something random cause I was running late. Luckily I remembered to pack something nice as Eric mentioned before we were going to a fancy restaurant.

We meet up for a late lunch and by golly it was a gloomy and raining day.  It didn't help the fact that I was utterly tired from the night before. And to make the drive Saturday morning was dreadful. There were so many things that happened during our lunch date and the drive back that happened but didn't react to it. For instance, Eric came a little bit dressed up than usual. Well I considered a guy wearing anything else other than a T-shirt is dressed up. Eric was also being extra nice and sweet (he didn't think so :P) and etc. I just waved it off because I was more occupied on wanting to take a nap! 

On the drive home, Eric mentioned that he just brought a new Christmas tree and his friend came over last night to help him put it up.

Here is how it went:

Me: Where did you guys put up the Christmas tree?

Eric: Up stairs in the middle of the game room

Me: *Laughs* Why!? Why the heck in the middle of the game room? That's such an odd place to put it.

Eric: Well that way you can see the tree from all around the room

Me: *chuckled* BUT WHY?.... *puzzled for a good min*.... Okay if you say so.

I still cant picture as to why someone would do that. Oh well.

We were waiting a stop light and I randomly remember something about my brother David planning to move to Austin. I texted him asking him if he was in town. He immediately said no and towards the end of the conversion he said "Aww I love you too sis". Weird...We NEVER show this type of affection in our family. My first thought was "What is wrong with everyone today?!?". 

As we were approaching his house, he asked if I could help finish decorating the tree. I said sure why not since we had plenty of time to get ready. He took a longer way to get home. Again, nothing triggered in my head on how fishy everything was going. 

As I was walking inside the house, I noticed it was beautifully decorated with lights on the stairs. By the time I got to the game room, I was taken back on how large the tree was. Wait..the tree was already decorated? What else are we adding to it? Still standing there confused of what's going on. Eric proceeds to tell me to get on the stool and he would hand me the ornaments to put on the tree. 

Wait a second..I am the shortest person in the room. Why am I the one getting on the stool? Still exhausted and at this point I just did as I was told. He handled me the ornament and attempted to put it on the tree. THERE WAS NO SPACE FOR IT! LOL Eric was like "Lisa, just find a place!". We did this like 2 more times where I would move the stool and scrambling trying to find a spot for it. 

The last ornament that Eric handled to me was pretty big and sparkly. There were some words on it but of course like an idiot that I am, I just stuck it on the tree without reading it. Finally hung up the last ornament and the word "Engaged" caught my eye. I picked it back down to read it. It read "We're engaged".  I am so confused at this point and turned around to ask Eric what this meant. The guy was on his knees! He said a cople of things but I didn't catch any of it.  My first response were.. 'WHAT THE HECKKKK". He then proceeds to ask me again.  Lisa, will you marry me?

I was like... Umm YEAH! 

My friends and family started coming out of the rooms near the game room! I was in utter shock! I saw my brother David and I immediately understood why he said "love ya too sis".  You can say my reaction was Priceless.

But the moment I saw my mom, I wanted to cry. In fact I did a little :P Knowing that Eric went through all of this and planning it with my sister months in advance, I was just speechless.

I was a bit sad that the story about his cousin being a chef was all made up. But Eric did reserve a place for all of us to have dinner to celebrate this special moment. To have friends and family that drove 3 hours that morning just so they can be there at our special moment...seriously there are no words to describe how blessed we are! 


Eric's Perspective

I was crazy nervous. Glad that's over :P